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Come and enjoy our tantalizing and exotic cuisine, freshly prepared everyday.
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 We are BYOB!


Cooking Class Wednesday February 6th: cooking, eating, and drinking with good friends!! See Cooking Class Tab for details. Stop by or call to reserve your spot in advance!


We are proud to feature a variety of authentic, delicious dishes that represent the true taste of the Daraya region. Come sample everything from fresh Falafel to delectable Sharwarma in our relaxing BYOB atmosphere.  


Our cozy and welcoming Hookah Barn

is just a short walk from the dining room and is open for reservations! The Barn offers over 30 varieties of fine tobacco and is a wonderful space to kick back and relax with friends and family.  


 Join Chef Said in creating a delectable three-course Lebanese meal derived from traditional and gourmet cooking styles.

In this hands-on class, Chef Said shares with you tried and true Lebanese fare inspired by his own secret family recipes.

You will discover how to make the most original fresh hummus. You will be able to take some home, as well as enjoy in class as a dip with fresh pita.

You will also digest the technique to make a family-style Lebanese garlic-lemon potato and chicken dish (Vegetarian Option would be eggplant or cauliflower) as your main entree.

You will complement your entree by tossing together a cabbage salad.

At the end of your meal you will be provided a taste of Lebanese Arak, which is an anise-flavored liquor along with a cup of Lebanese coffee (or Cardamon tea).

Otherwise, you are welcome to bring wine and beer to enjoy throughout your fun learning experience!

COST: $60 per person

CLASS SIZE: Maximum of 12

WHEN: Wednesday February 6 6:30PM to 8:30PM